Complex wealth strategies should be nurtured and structured for timeless design, with integrity, and for many generations to come.
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As the first-born son to a Japanese immigrant family, Taro Akutagawa (Keiko's father) knew the importance of timeless design. He grew with this philosophy after completing his education in Japan and returning to the U.S. for an apprenticeship with a Japanese landscaper. His ideas grew well into his career as an award-winning landscape designer.

Taro understood the need for integration between traditional methods and innovative design. By combining native resources into modern landscape, he was able to introduce an entirely new and unique picture of what landscape design could look like well into the future.

"My father always said that landscapes, like our lives, should be built with a timeless design, with integrity, and for many generations to come." - Keiko Akutagawa
Keiko Lambert

Keiko Lambert

Keiko’s practice is built upon a foundation developed from decades of experiences ranging from growing up and owning family run businesses to extensive work in a variety of financial service disciplines. 

In her career, Keiko has worked with clients across the country as a Financial Advisor, Senior Trust Administrator and as an Investment Portfolio Manager. She has served as Vice President and Regional Manager for Prudential, Wachovia and Lockwood Financial tasked with working with clients and training advisors about Managed Accounts and Modern Portfolio Theory. As such, Keiko possesses an unusual range of capabilities which constitutes the base for her practice where comprehensive and cohesive Wealth Management strategies are designed with an intuitive touch for each client. This is a structured approach with an ongoing disciplined process that helps clients develop long term investment, estate planning and asset protection strategies which must work together seamlessly so clients may enjoy well defined and quantified personal goals. 

She lives in Albuquerque and spends her time outside of the office with her extended family and beloved dogs. 

Midori Desnoyer

Midori started in the financial services industry in 2012 after completing her internship with a private practice firm in Albuquerque. However, her exposure to financial services began much earlier by job shadowing her mother’s career.  She completed her B.B.A. with concentrations in finance and psychology from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. Her background includes over 8 years of sales, marketing, non-profit management, and client service experience.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and three pets, traveling, remodeling their home and being outdoors with her family.


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